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Technology Solutions

Built on more than 60 years of experience helping customers solve challenges in PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, wire harness and cable assembly and materials suppliers, IPC Technology Solutions can assist you or your suppliers in solving your process problems. IPC Technology Solutions will provide an expert to help solve the challenges you face in whatever area you are trying to improve in your facility. Reach out to IPC Technology Solutions and improve your bottom line and solve your challenges today.

Standards Gap Analysis

IPC Standards Gap Analysis (SGA) is the first step in preparing your production facility for IPCs Validation Services QPL or QML recognition. Not sure if your manufacturing processes meet the IPC standards, SGA will examine your current facility and highlight areas of improvement. Once improvements are in place your facility will be ready to take the next step to full QPL or QML IPC Validation Services Recognition. If you are an OEM, an EMS, a fab house, wire harness and cable provider or a supplier, SGA might be the right service for you.