IPC Validation Services

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IPC Validation Services connects you to the best and the brightest in the PCB assembly and electronics manufacturing industries.

Improve Quality, Reliability and Consistency

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Our experts help EMS providers and their suppliers optimize product quality, reliability and consistency across the entire supply chain.

Three core programs work independently, or together, to help your company aim higher.

Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions focuses on a specific process challenge and helps you implement a solution – fast! Click the image to solve a specific process challenge.

Standards Gap Analysis

Standards Gap Analysis (SGA) sheds light on the entire operation, helping identify and close the gaps between your current practices and IPC Standards. With SGA, your company is one step closer to certification. Click the image to close the gap, your first step to certification.

IPC Certification

IPC Certification exemplifies the highest level of commitment to quality. When your company earns a spot on the QPL or QML certification list, you join an elite group of rigorously vetted and trusted suppliers. With each step, you decide how far you want to go. Click the image to join an elite group of trusted suppliers.

Get an edge on the competition with IPC Validation Services. To learn more, connect with an IPC Expert at 847-597-2806 or ipcvalidation@ipc.org.

"For a small investment of time and money, the IPC Validation program has had a big impact on our operations. The validation team did a thorough analysis of our business and provided a list of observations and opportunities for improvement. They assisted us with the implementation of several new policies and procedures by providing templates or examples of programs other companies are using. They answered our questions and provided contact information of professionals who could support our needed changes. The IPC validation program is the real deal."
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IPC Validation Services

Get an edge on the competition

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