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The QPL and QML Value-Add

Once qualification is achieved, EMS companies and industry suppliers earn the right to a high level of visibility throughout the industry.

Due to the COVID-19 virus IPC Validation Services will grant a 90-day extension for your QML certificate from your original expiration date if required.

IPC Qualification Sets Your Company Apart

When your company earns IPC QPL/QML qualification, you join an elite group of trusted EMS providers and suppliers committed to delivering the highest level of quality. Your customers gain peace of mind, knowing they are working with a rigorously vetted and trusted company that has passed a stringent audit process. The entire supply chain benefits.

“Our advanced qualifications have highly differentiated Zentech from others in the electronics contract manufacturing industry. Quality matters in mission-critical, high-technology and high-complexity markets. Zentech’s commitment to quality is underscored by our IPC Validation Services certifications and the certifications have directly led to several new customer engagements. We highly encourage others to explore these valuable QML programs.”

President and CEO
Zentech Manufacturing, Inc.

IPC QPL/QML Products/Processes

qualificationsIPC qualification recognizes products and assembly processes that have demonstrated compliance with IPC Standards and industry best practices. IPC’s two programs, the Qualified Products List (QPL) and the Qualified Manufacturers List (QML), are a win-win for EMS providers, their suppliers, and the OEMs they serve.

Suppliers WIN

  • Join a global network of rigorously vetted, trusted sources
  • Increase product quality throughout your supply chain
  • Reduce quality assurance audits
  • Reduce client turnover
  • Differentiate your company from the competition
  • Display official QPL or QML logos in your communications
  • Gain higher visibility at IPC events and in IPC publications


  • Reduce your company’s auditing costs
  • Lower your supply chain management costs
  • Increase your trust in the products you buy from vendors
  • Increase your customers’ confidence in the quality of your products
  • Help build a global network of certified, trusted suppliers

Gain a competitive edge with IPC Certification for your organization. Learn more here and connect with our experts at 1-847-597-2892 or send an email.

Not sure you’re ready for full certification? Find out with IPC Standards Gap Analysis.

IPC Validation Services

Get an edge on the competition

Get an edge on the competition

Connect with an expert at 1-847-597-2892, via email, or by using the form below.