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IPC Qualification recognizes companies with products and assembly processes that have passed a rigorous audit and shown to comply with IPC Standards. The IPC Qualified Products List (QPL) includes both the qualified products and the test reports validating those products. The IPC Qualified Manufacturers List (QML) includes qualified electronics assembly processes.

Qualified Products List (QPL)

Qualified Manufacturers List (QML)

IPC Qualification is valid for three years. Our experienced auditors are qualified to IPC Standards and only use IPC Qualified Test Laboratories.

Looking to join this elite group of qualified suppliers? Learn more about IPC Qualification and connect with one of our experts at 847-597- 2806 or ipcvalidation@ipc.org.

“For a small investment of time and money, the IPC Validation program has had a big impact on our operations. The validation team did a thorough analysis of our business and provided a list of observations and opportunities for improvement. They assisted us with the implementation of several new policies and procedures by providing templates or examples of programs other companies are using. They answered our questions and provided contact information of professionals who could support our needed changes. The IPC validation program is the real deal.”

Chip Estep
Excel Electronics, Inc.

IPC Validation Services

Get an edge on the competition

Get an edge on the competition

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