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IPC Qualification (QPL/QML) recognizes companies with products and assembly processes that have passed a rigorous audit and are shown to comply with IPC Standards and meet specified performance requirements. The IPC Qualified Products List (QPL) includes both the qualified products and the test reports validating those products. The IPC Qualified Manufacturers List (QML) includes qualified electronics assembly processes.

Validation Services Qualified Products List (QPL)

QPL (Qualified Products List) is used to qualify EMS suppliers’ products (including printed circuit boards) and the manufacturing sites where those products are produced. IPC-4101Companies on our Qualified Products List supply products that have been certified to IPC standards.

  • IPC-4101 (Base Materials)
  • IPC-4103 (Base Materials for High Speed/High Frequency)

Validation Services Qualified Manufacturers List (QML)

QML (Qualified Manufacturers List) is used to qualify EMS and OEM providers’ assembly processes to IPC standards such as IPC-1791. Our complete QML list covers the following standards:

IPC QPL/QML qualifications (which are good for three years) were created to address a need identified by an industry survey: 75 percent of responding engineers and executive management from OEMs, EMS providers and suppliers viewed a supplier qualification program (QPL/QML) as vital to their business. IPC qualification provides suppliers the opportunity to become part of a network of trusted sources that industry will look to first and foremost when evaluating existing and potential business partners. IPC QPL/QML audits are conducted by IPC Auditors and IPC-appointed personnel. IPC is the global electronics industry’s authoritative, objective source for quality conformance and data reporting. To help you learn more about IPC QPL/QML programs, we’ve provided answers to many of the most Frequently Asked Questions here.

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IPC Validation Services has you covered. Whether you need help with a specific process issue at your facility or suppliers use Technology Solutions, want to evaluate your processes to meet IPC standards specifications use (SGA) or want to take your company to the next level of certification use (QML or QPL), IPC can deliver.

IPC Validation Services

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