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Standards Gap Analysis

Identify Gaps Between Current Practices and IPC Standards

SGA helps highlight those areas where you need to improve.

Standards Gap Analysis is the First Step to IPC Qualification

Not sure if your organization is ready for IPC Qualification? Find out, with Standards Gap Analysis (SGA). Before you invest time and resources in the audit process, let our experts help identify the gaps between your current practices and the IPC Standards.

standards gap analysis

Focus Areas

  • PCB Assembly
  • PCB Fabrication
  • Wire Harness and Cable Assembly

SGA starts with a comprehensive examination of your manufacturing processes by highly experienced IPC Experts who understand the standards and related fabrication processes. Although each case varies, SGA typically takes a day. Once complete, you receive a detailed confidential report. After implementing our recommended improvements, your company will be ready to take the next step in the qualification process.

After returning from IPC APEX EXPO we established a training program within our facility. We used advanced training for five instructors and additional training for 20 specialists. As a result, we successfully completed the IPC QML audit. We substantially improved our processes, the quality of the products we manufacture, and the mastery of processes through knowledge of standards which motivated our staff toward achieving excellence.

Industrial Director
Grupo Mirgor

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IPC Validation Services

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